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OBIA Full & Incremental Loading

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Full & Incremental  Loading

What is Full Load

  • Full load means loading data for the very first time onto the BI Apps Datawarehouse
  • Full load is also undertaken when data seems corrupt and needs to be cleaned again
  • Data extracted is of huge volume and ETL mappings might run for long duration, often a few days …
  • Data volume controlled by INITIAL EXTRACT DATE parameters
  • Some developers feel full load is the solution to just about any problem, which is incorrect.

What is Incremental Load

  • This is the load which customers generally run each day
  • Only the incremental changes in source, compared to previous load are captured and loaded
  • Data volume is low.
  • The Incremental Data Set or the Delta Data is determined mostly by LAST EXTRACT DATE parameter
  • Logic and Calculations
    • Delta Data = Current source data – Current Warehouse Data
    • Delta Data = Source record change/insert date > Last ETL Extract Date
    • Delta Data = New records + Existing Changed records
    • New records Inserted, Changed records updated ( in Warehouse)

SQL Changes for Incremental Load

Methodology in Informatica

Methodology in Informatica

DAC Metadata

DAC Metadata(Controlling Full/Incr)

ETL Running in Full Mode

DAC Refresh Date Target

DAC Refresh Date-Source


  1. Which DAC parameter controls full and incremental load ?
  2. The Infa mapping contains Incremental load SQL. (TRUE □ / FALSE □)
  3. How many Infa sessions are created for each Infa mapping ( 1 □, 2 □, 3 □, 4 □)
  4. Which type of ETL load takes longer time ( FULL □ / Incremental □)
  5. How does DAC trigger the correct Infa mapping for either the full load or Incremental load ?
  6. If one incremental load was executed from 5th Jan 2013 and the users later on decide to re-collect data from 1st Jan 2013, what should they do ?
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