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BI Publisher debugging and logging

Written by  Raj
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In this article, I would like to talk about BI Publisher debugging, logging and how to set and get the debug log.




For Enterprise Release the debug level can be set from Admin > Server Configuration UI. Setting value as “Debug” from the LOV turns on the debug mode. We have to restart the Application to make this change effective. This change set the DEBUG_LEVEL property to “debug” in xmlp-server-config.xml configuration file. The location of xmlp-server-config.xml is under Repository (./XMLP/Admin/Configuration).  The debug log will be available in server log.


In Oracle Apps (EBS), the debugging is depends on how we are use the core BI Publisher APIs.


If we use the Concurrent Program to run any normal BI Publisher Report or Bursting Report, following steps required setting the debug log for Concurrent Manager.


  • Connect to Concurrent Manager Server as applmgr .
  • Check if $XDO_TOP/resource directory exists, if not create it.
  • Create a new file xdodebug.cfg with the following content and copy it to $XDO_TOP/resource


Set the LogDir to any directory with read write access. The BIP logging process creates a bunch of files here. Check for xdo.log file.

We can also check the OPP log file for debug logging.

  • Login the application with System Administration Responsibility
  • Navigate to Concurrent Manager: Administrator
  • Select the Output Posy Processors and click on View Details.
  • Click on View Processes
  • Click the current process, which is active at the time request submitted. Check the other process, if you are not sure and search for Request ID.
  • Click the Outpost process log file.

If Report use the Data Template to generate XML data, there is easy way to get the debug log for the particular report.

Add the DebugFlag parameter to CP report definition from System Administration responsibility=> Concurrent Program: Define. Follow the sequence mentioned in the following diagram.



If we use BIP APIs directly in java code, we can turn on the debug log by including following statement in the calling program.


Make sure to import oracle.apps.xdo.common.log.Logger.

If you see any issue with any of the logging mechanism, copy the xdodebug.cfg mentioned earlier in this article to $JAVA_TOP/jre/lib and check the xdo.log  under LodDir. In EBS copy the xdodebug.cfg to  $AF_JRE_TOP/jre/lib for Concurrent Manager or $OA_JRE_TOP/jre/lib for OA framework.

XDO debug log may not be very useful from user point of view, but definitely It is great help to consultants and support executives to pin down the issue.

Hope this article will provide some help in resolving your BIP issues. Feel free to ask your question, queries on this topic.

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